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Osian ToursPickup could be from the hotel or place of one’s choice from anywhere in Jodhpur. A brief detail of Tours is as below.

If you go back to the past of Osian, you will come to know that it has been a prosperous city during the early medieval period. Due to a combine influence of Brahminical and Jainism values, many Hindu and Jain temples are constructed at this place. There are many tourist attractions in Osian:

Oldest and most popular attraction of this place is Sun Temple. This temple is considered to be one of the oldest and finest doorways in India.

Harihara Temple is also an attractive temple located at this place. There is a central shrine situated here which is surrounded by four small shrines from other sides. The traditional name of this temple is the Panchavatan temple.

Some other aesthetic temples of Osian are Vishnu Temples and these temples have beautifully carved walls that face towards the west. All these richly sculpted walls' temples are splendid and majestic. The striking feature about all these temples is that there are no temples which you will find to be the same because every temple has its original design to itself. They were built long ago but are still standing with the same charm.

There are altogether 18 shrines in Osian. Some prime temples at this place are Sun temple, Kali temple, Sachiya Mata temple and also Jain temple of Lord Mahavir. By viewing these temples, you can witness the elegance and stunning eye catchy architecture. Mahavira Temple situated at this place contains the sculpture of various intertwined snakes which are considered sacred by the Oswal Jains. Gracefully painted figures which you can see at these temples portray the luxurious lifestyle of Gujara Pratiharas as well as their customs and traditions. Other temples that you should visit are the Harihara temple and Vishnu Temple. In these temples, you will feel enchanted with the frescoes of Lord Krishna and Radha.

Tour Ends and the drop are back to the pickup point. Or Station / Airport/ other Hotel

Osian is an ancient town that is situated at the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan state. This place is situated at about 65kms away from the main district. You can say that Osian is an oasis in the desert. You can reach this town which is located at the diversion of Jodhpur- Bikaner highway. It is believed that Osian is a flourishing trading center that is developing at a very fast speed. The history of this region dates back to the 8th century. It was also a religious center of the Marwar kingdom during the Pratihara dynasty. This city is a very significant pilgrimage center for the Jain community of Oswals. Mahavir temple was built by Pratihara King Vatsa Raja in the year 783 AD. This is a tirth which means a pilgrimage center for the Jains. There is a cluster of various Hindu and Jain temples at this place. Although many temples of this place were not able to stand through the test of time, many of them are still intact.

Duration: 4 Hrs to 8 Hrs

Destination Covered: Sun Temple, Harihara Temple, Vishnu Temple

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